MAQ Silk Fabric Conditioner

Soft feel. Fresh scent.

Soft feel. Fresh scent.

MAQ Silk Fabric Conditioner lightly conditions and smooths the fibres of your clothing, which not only reduces static cling but means that they come out less creased and easier to iron.

Our fabric conditioner has encapsulated technology that deposits fragrance pearls directly into the fabric during the rinse cycle. These pearls pop as you move, surrounding you in a freshly washed scent long after a wash. 

Velvet Rose

Baby Love

Floral Fresh

Luxurious Lavender

Top Tips and Tricks

Keep to The Rinse

For best results, never apply MAQ Silk Fabric Conditioner directly to fabrics and only add it to the rinse cycle.

Scrub Away Soap Scum

Get rid of stubborn soap scum on your bathroom fixtures by gently rubbing full strength MAQ Silk Fabric Conditioner onto the surfaces and then allow it to dry. This can be repeated if necessary.

Water Stains Away!

Remove those hard-to-clean water stains by applying MAQ Silk Fabric Conditioner to a sponge and then gently massaging it into the surface. Wipe it away with a damp towel and then buff it dry with a paper towel.

Car Freshener

Keep a refill bag MAQ Silk Fabric Conditioner under your car seat to keep your car smelling fresh and fragrant.

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