MAQ AUTO Washing Powder

We’re not wishy-washy with our washing results

Get the most of your machine wash with a washing powder that’s developed to deliver the best washing results. MAQ AUTO Washing Powder has been specially formulated with an advanced combination of actives and enzymes to ensure top performance in washing machines. This ensures that your clothing reflects the shining star that you are.

Available in 2kg.

Top Tips and Tricks

Perfect Your Dosing

Under-dosing or overdosing your washing powder can give you a poor wash result, so always stick to the dosage recommendations on the pack.

Look at Labels

Keep your clothing looking like new by following the symbols on your garments’ labels. The symbols on the labels will guide you as to whether an item should be washed by hand or can be washed in a washing machine, the suggested temperature the clothing should be washed, whether it should be dry-cleaned and how hot the iron should be when ironed.

Go for Cold

Water that is too hot, can shrink fibres or cause colours to bleed. If you’re unsure of the temperature that your clothing should be washed at, then rather reach for the cold tap. MAQ’s stain-busting power is strong enough to work its magic even in cold water.

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