Get your
Shine On!

Meet MAQ. Your trusty sidekick when it comes to cleaning. MAQ was made to make your life easier, conveniently cutting down on the time, effort and costs of cleaning. You can count on us to do all your dirty work so that no amount of dirt can dim your shine.

MAQ has a wide range of high-quality, yet affordable, cleaning products for your laundry and household care. All so you can

Shine On!

Oh, and to top it all off, we’re a proudly South African company. Our products are locally produced to create jobs and reduce costs.

Laundry Care

Our laundry care products have been developed to be tough on stains but gentle on your pocket. Our range includes MAQ Hand Washing Powder, MAQ Auto Washing Powder and MAQ Soap, so you can choose the right product to suit your washing needs. MAQ Silk Fabric Conditioner is the perfect rinsing product to keep your clothes feeling soft and smelling divine.

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Household Care

From dishwashing to disinfecting, keep your home as bright as your mood with the MAQ range of household care products. Our terrific trio of MAQ Dishwashing Liquid, MAQ Thick Bleach and MAQ Cream Cleaner make household cleaning as easy as one, two, three!

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