MAQ Dishwashing Liquid

Big Foam. Big Results.

You’ve got enough on your plate. Dishwashing shouldn’t be another worry in your life. Take the effort out of washing dishes with MAQ Dishwashing Liquid, South Africa's best performing dishwashing liquid*.

It’s concentrated high-foam formula contains limonene, a powerful degreasing agent, for dishes that sparkle. This formula effectively cleans your dishes, and it’s easy on your budget. No wonder it’s so loved by South Africans!

Available in 400ml, 750ml and 5 litres.

*When compared to the best-selling dishwashing liquid in SA.

Winner Dishwashing Liquid Category. 
Survey of 2,000 households by Nielson.

Top Tips and Tricks

Fast Fridge Cleaning

Keep your fridge hygienically clean and smelling fresh with the magic MAQ combo of the Dishwashing Liquid and MAQ Cream Cleaner. First clear out all your food and then use MAQ Dishwashing Liquid to sanitise the interior and then the MAQ Cream Cleaner to clean the exterior.

Window Washing

Get rid of that greasy film on your windows with the help of MAQ Dishwashing Liquid. Add a couple of drops into a bucket of warm water and wash away that grease and grime, leaving a sparkling clean finish.

Safe Stain Removal

MAQ Dishwashing Liquid is one of the safest products you can use on any fabric to effectively rid your clothing of stains, especially the greasy ones. Simply apply the MAQ Dishwashing Liquid directly to the grease stain, gently rub it with your fingers and then allow it to sit for a few minutes. Rinse the fabric with cool water and then wash it as per usual.

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