MAQ Cream Cleaner

Marvelous multi-purpose magic!

From kitchen to bathroom, whatever needs cleaning, MAQ Cream Cleaner will get it gleaming! It’s packed with a powerful combination of active detergents and gentle abrasives to easily and effectively get rid of tough dirt, grease and grime from surfaces all over your home.

Take the hassle out of your housework and let MAQ Cream Cleaner take care of the dirty work!

 Available in 3 fresh fragrances. 

Lavender Burst

Floral Burst

Lemon Burst

Top Tips and Tricks

Grease Lightning!

Get rid of grease and grime in a flash. Use MAQ Cream Cleaner directly from the bottle. Leave it for a few minutes to let the active ingredients work their magic. Wipe it away to reveal a grime-free surface. Give it a rinse clean for the extra gleam!

Let them shine!

Old appliances can lose their shine overtime – Dilute MAQ Cream Cleaner into a bucket of warm water and wipe away sticky fingerprints and marks in a flash!

The All-Rounder

MAQ Cream Cleaner can be used to bring back the sparkle in your kitchen or your bathroom. It can be used neat or diluted with warm water. It really is the all-rounder.

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