MAQ Soap

The wonder bar!

An absolute household essential, The MAQ Green Bar is a super convenient bar that can be used in so many ways. Made with vegetable oil and glycerine, this soap bar is mild and gentle enough for your family’s skin but tough enough to tackle your household cleaning tasks.

Whether you need effective stain removal for your laundry or need to get your pots, pans and cutlery sparkling clean, this incredible cleaning bar can do double duty.

Available in 125g, 250g and 500g bars.

Top Tips and Tricks

Perfect Pre-Treatment

Got a tough stain? No fear when MAQ Green Bar is near. Give cuffs, collars and the undersides of socks an extra scrub with this power bar before popping them in the machine for some extra cleaning power.

A Handy Tool

MAQ Green Bar is a useful addition to your toolbox. A sliver of the handy soap can be used to keep squeaky hinges quiet and coat screws so that they hold better.

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